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Whilst 29ers have traditionally been viewed as bikes best suited to the taller rider, this black and white beauty was custom sized for a man who can boast the shortest inside leg measurement of all my adult customers. Not for nothing is he known as Bonsai Bob.

I kept the top tube as low as possible to maximise stand over, and gently curved the down tube to give adequate fork crown clearance.
The sliding dropouts are improved over those on the yellow 'Technical XC' frame and now feature stainless slider plates on their outer face. By special request the frame has subtle branding cut into the seat stay bracing plate, and is also the first to sport a satin finished stainless steel steering head badge.

Bob chose and supplied all the tasteful black and white themed parts, and I built the bike up ready for him to ride.


Designed to be suitable for a Rohloff hub or for derailleur gears, this frame has more cable guides that you can shake a stick at. The first frame I've made with Paragon 'Rocker Dropouts'; the frame also features stainless bullets in the stay tubes to allow the whole back end to be in bare metal. A subtle downtube bend, 3 bottle mounts, rack mounts and a tasteful metallic black paintjob complete this 'Swiss Army Knife' frame.


Those riding with him are unlikely to forget the time that Glynn’s seat post snapped like a carrot in Thetford forest. How we laughed. If this one goes the same way I certainly won’t find it even slightly amusing. Sliding dropouts, single-speed specific and with an ovalised, integrated seat post; a single-minded frame if ever I built one.